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1   Link   Mea Culpa
Now that we’ve reached the 10th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, it seems only fit and proper that those of us who opposed the war from the very beginning explain how our errors in judgment led us to be so catastrophically wrong about America’s signature foreign policy achievement of the 21st century...
2   Link   Cohousing: Life Is Easier With Friends Next Door
Cohousing, an idea that originated in Denmark in the 1960s, has been increasingly filling the gap. Each household in cohousing has an individual residence but takes part in the design process, consensus-based decision-making, shared meals, and socializing.
3   Link   Weeding Corporate Power out of Agricultural Policies: Communities Mobilize for Food and Farm Justice
The National Family Farm Coalition is educating and lobbying to restructure the subsidy system so that it benefits small farmers instead of agribusiness. Together with other groups like Food and Water Watch, Food First, and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, they are engaging in research, education, and strategies to help turn us all into effective policy-change advocates.
4   Link   Leslie Stahl's Huge Conflict of Interest: Gives Cover for Billionaire Pete Peterson
Why is Leslie Stahl sitting on the Advisory Board of an organization deeply involved in a contentious political debate? And is her service on that Advisory Board blessed by "60 Minutes"? Or were Stahl's superiors even aware of her service? In any case, if "60 Minutes" has any inclination to adhere to CBS' ethical guidelines, Stahl must be forced to resign from the board.
5   Link   A Guide to the 1%'s Combined Arms Assault on Democracy
For its class war on middle-class democracy, the 1%'s corporate media is coordinating de-regulators, privatizers, nullifiers, rhetorical well-poisoners, and political saboteurs, along with the traditional arms of reactionary counter-revolution: theocrats, racists, misogynists, and anti-intellectuals.
6   Link   The Economic Terrorists Among Us
Lately, as multiple stories in the MSM and the blogosphere--including at least a couple of pieces in Monday's NY Times remind us--thousands of folks, not just around the globe but right here at home, are dying directly and indirectly due to the economic transgressions of our nation’s elite and their paid minions our elected leaders acting on their behalf.
7   Link   What Happened To America?
There are people who grow up believing the world to be a fair and just place. Bad guys will eventually get what’s coming to them. Good guys win in the end. If someone is doing wrong in your neighborhood, the good guys can be called, and the bad guys will be taken care of accordingly. We are a democracy, we are told. Justice will always win in the end.
8   Link   ATTN: Researchers - List of MAJOR Conservative Foundations & Non-Profits
As we reported earlier, the John Birch Society was seemingly banished by the GOP and, as a result, seemingly left politics a few decades ago. What the monied Birch Society members did was create foundations that then funded JBS philosophy-influenced political non-profits designed to influence US policy.
9   Link   It Should Never Have Come to This
If wages had tracked with growth (GDP) over the past 60 years, you would be making about 160% what you make now. Do the experiment: multiply your current salary or hourly wage by 1.6 and tell me what you get. $35,000 a year? You should actually be making $56,000 now. You make $60,000? Well, you’d be making $96,000 now. $10 an hour? How’s $16 sound instead? What would you do with the extra money?
10   Link   The Return of the 19th Century
A friend once told me that the wealthy elite didn't want to just "roll back" the New Deal, they wanted to roll back the entire 20th Century. His point was that all the social gains of the 20th Century were granted to us in order to combat global communism, and that with the collapse of communism the wealthy elite are going it take it all back.

I didn't fully appreciate his sentiments until recently.
11   Link   Butterfly Woman: Healthy Food is Human Right
There are 50 million people hungry in the U.S., and that includes 17 million children. Nikki Henderson (one of our special guests for our Butterfly Woman Food Justice Blogathon, and Executive Director of People's Grocery in West Oakland) talks about the importance of food justice and cultural appropriateness:
12   Link   Butterfly Woman: Growing Power, Growing Food and Justice for All
There are parts of Growing Power that are easy to see and to understand their impact. For example; the people we employ, the healthy food we grow and the gardens we plant. But there is another part of our mission that might be harder to see, but we believe it is a vital part of what we do. It's called the Growing Food and Justice for all Initiative (GFJI).