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1   Link   Daily Kos
Founded on May 26, 2002, Daily Kos is the premier online political community with 2.5 million unique visitors per month and a quarter of a million registered users. It is at once a news organization, community, and activist hub.
2   Link   Democracy Now!
Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.
3   Link   Moyers & Company
Continuing his long-running conversation with the American public, Bill Moyers returned to television in January 2012 with Moyers & Company, a weekly series of smart talk and new ideas aimed at helping viewers make sense of our tumultuous times through the insight of America’s strongest thinkers. The program also features Moyers’ hallmark essays on democracy.
4   Link   Money Out of Politics
Does it bother you that greedy, rich people and the politicians they buy continue to steal your money, your constitutional rights and your future? Are you fed up with them cheating you and taking you for a fool while they destroy our democracy and our country?
5   Link   The Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives
The Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives or NoBAWC (pronounced "no boss") is a grassroots organization of democratic workplaces dedicated to building workplace democracy in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.
6   Link   Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim
There is a corruption at the heart of American politics, caused by the dependence of Congressional candidates on funding from the tiniest percentage of citizens. That's the argument at the core of this blistering talk by legal scholar Lawrence Lessig. With rapid-fire visuals, he shows how the funding process weakens the Republic in the most fundamental way, and issues a rallying bipartisan cry that will resonate with many in the U.S. and beyond.
7   Link   Mother Jones: America Under The Gun
A special report on gun laws and the rise of mass shootings. America now has 300 million firearms, a barrage of NRA-backed gun laws—and record casualties from mass killers.
8   Link   OneAmerica
OneAmerica advances the fundamental principles of democracy and justice at the local, state and national levels by building power within immigrant communities in collaboration with key allies.
9   Link   Justice for Jordan Miles
Justice for Jordan Miles is a Pittsburgh-based campaign for police accountability formed in the wake of the brutal assault on Jordan Miles in January 2010.
10   Link   The National Lawyers Guild
The National Lawyers Guild is an association dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. We seek to unite the lawyers, law students, legal workers, and jailhouse lawyers of America in an organization which shall function as an effective political and social force in the service of the people, to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests.
11   Link   Let's Free Congress
Frustrated with reforms failing in Congress? Real change can't happen when elections can be bought. Let's fix it.
12   Link   Heist! - The Movie
How major US corporations orchestrated the greatest theft in history.
13   Link   Who Stole the American Dream?
Who Stole the American Dream? is stunning audiences across the globe as it traces the worldwide economic collapse to a 1971 secret memo entitled Attack on American Free Enterprise System. Written over 40 years ago by the future Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell.
14   Link   Report: Torture and Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading Treatment of Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay
This report is a product of our united efforts. This report uniquely recounts the experiences of prisoners inside Guantánamo Bay prison.
15   Link   Living Under Drones
In the United States, the dominant narrative about the use of drones in Pakistan is of a surgically precise and effective tool that makes the US safer by enabling “targeted killing” of terrorists, with minimal downsides or collateral impacts.[1]

This narrative is false.

Following nine months of intensive research—including two investigations in Pakistan, more than 130 interviews with victims, witnesses, and experts, and review of thousands of pages of documentation and media reporting—this report presents evidence of the damaging and counterproductive effects of current US drone strike policies. Based on extensive interviews with Pakistanis living in the regions directly affected, as well as humanitarian and medical workers, this report provides new and firsthand testimony about the negative impacts US policies are having on the civilians living under drones.
16   Link   Cohousing: Life Is Easier With Friends Next Door
Cohousing communities are old-fashioned neighborhoods created with a little ingenuity. They bring together the value of private homes with the benefits of more sustainable living. That means common facilities and good connections with neighbors. All in all, they stand as innovative answers to today's environmental and social problems.
17   Link   Public Banking in America
The Public Banking Institute (PBI) is actively enrolling leading organizations to participate in a national coalition to create a network of public banks. These banks can be capitalized from several sources, including public employee and other labor pensions, with the core deposits coming from tax and other revenues from city/county/state governments.
18   Link   The Employee Ownership 100
America's Largest Majority Employee-Owned Companies
19   Link   The National Center for Employee Ownership
The NCEO is a nonprofit organization, established in 1981, whose mission is to provide the most objective and reliable information possible on employee ownership at the most affordable price possible. Our members include companies, professional practitioners, government officials, academics, and others. Although we are a membership-based organization, our outreach is not limited to members. Many people buy our publications and attend our events without becoming NCEO members—they simply pay higher prices.
20   Link   Strong Towns
The mission of Strong Towns is to support a model for growth that allows America's towns to become financially strong and resilient.

The American approach to growth is causing economic stagnation and decline along with land use practices that force a dependency on public subsidies. The inefficiencies of the current approach have left American towns financially insolvent, unable to pay even the maintenance costs of their basic infrastructure. A new approach that accounts for the full cost of growth is needed to make our towns strong again.

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