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I would love to participate in a larger, more organized form of Occupy development around D.C. In this model, an ever-growing network of semi-collectivist communities would be created in pockets around D.C. The purpose of these collectives would be many-fold. First, they would be a form of direct action in as much as they would comprise increasingly self-sufficient communities that run parallel to and increasingly off-the-grid from the mainstream, corporate, consumer culture. Second, they would be the incubators of solutions for the replacement of mainstream, corporate, consumer culture over the long-term. Third, they would incorporate community-based solutions to Climate Change within their missions and operations. And fourth, they would provide a capacity for applying pressure on traditional government, by experimenting with and developing effective methods of- consensus-building, decision-making and governance.

- participatory economy (as both direct action and solution)
- creating, maintaining and powering affordable, sustainable housing.
- creating, maintaining and powering shelters for large numbers of visitors.
- developing food production capacity for the communities and visitors.
- practicing a wide range of permaculture methods
- hosting large numbers of visitors for training exchanges, networking and engaging in rallies in D.C.
- creating a capacity for transporting visitors to rallies in D.C. in a carbon-sensitive way.
- developing a first class organization to create, promote and operate rallies.
- providing rally management and support services to groups with aligned interests.
- preparing for a daily, large-scale, indefinite occupation of D.C., based out of these outlying communities.
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byRay Pensador, February 22, 2013
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