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Spring Revolution USA: A Project Plan

occupy poster 002The system of government in the United States has been badly damaged by the influence-peddling corruption that results from the collusion between corporatist cartels and politicians at every level, including towns, cities, states, and federal.  In essence, what drives the corruption is a system based on corporatist cartels' ability to influence politicians to use their offices as conduits for the enactment of policies beneficial to the profit interests of powerful business cartels at the expense of the population and the environment.
This phenomena has in turn brought about a situation where influence-peddling corruption has become so entrenched and endemic that wars have become mainly a tool for war profiteers, where the rich and powerful can commit high crimes and misdemeanors with impunity, where war crimes are not prosecuted, and where even our current Attorney General admits to the public that we have indeed a two-tiered justice system: one increasingly draconian and punishing for average citizens, and one favorable to the rich and powerful.
As a result, during the last several decades, there has been an unprecedented transfer of wealth and power from the population to a small plutocratic elite, which is now engaged in setting up a total-information-awareness police state in order to further subjugate and oppress the population.  One of the most powerful tools these corporatist cartels have is their ownership of the entire mainstream media in the United States, which is then used to spread lies, misinformation, false narratives and propaganda specifically designed to influence the citizenry into acting against their own interests so it can continue to be robbed and subjugated by the nascent Plutocracy or Corporatocracy.
This situation has become intolerable to those who have awakened to this indisputable reality, and as such, we have decided that it is time for a (peaceful and smart) revolution against the Plutocracy.  This document is an overview of a project management plan for the SPRING 2013 REVOLUTION USA.
The most powerful (and fearful) aspect of this revolution is that it will be carried out by (what we expect to be millions of) average citizens acting in concert against the Plutocracy, in a peaceful and lawful manner, with strict adherence to the rule of law and the United States Constitution.
For the revolution to be successful it is important to set up a nationwide network of law-abiding average citizens who have come to understand the actual state of affairs in the country, and who understand the need to unite in order to be able to join forces (resources) and act in a highly-coordinated and strategic manner against the plutocracy with the intention of dismantling it now matter how long it takes.  The guiding principles of this citizens' network will be based on a careful analysis and understanding of the actual state of affairs (the truth), and on solutions developed by think tanks within the network, tasked with taking on each social dysfunction caused by the Plutocracy.
This citizens' network is non-partisan and open to all people of good will who understand that there is no need to engage in any illegal activity, including violence or law-breaking in any way, in order to achieve the main goal: removal of the Plutocracy.  It is understood that there are those who argue that the only way to remove a Plutocracy is through violent revolution, but for this particular Social Justice and Anti-Corruption Activist Network the approach will be strictly within the confines of the rule of law and the United States Constitution.
This approach may seem counter-intuitive (and to some, naive), but careful analysis will show that it would actually be the most threatening to the corrupt Plutocracy, which is mainly made up of parasitic billionaires and corrupt politicians who do not believe the citizenry is capable of organizing in this fashion: a highly cohesive, informed and strategic-minded network across the country.
The structure of this activists network is based on representative democracy.  The network will be lead by a committee of ten leaders who will rotate yearly.  Every year there will be a process where network members will be able to choose a new leadership committee.  No individual, group, or clique shall ever be able to take control of the activists' network, and thus safeguards will be put in place in that regard during the founding process.
The (peaceful) revolution will be funded through individual donations by the public, or "crowd funding."  A financial committee of approximately 3 to 5 people will be tasked with managing and overseeing the funding.  The ten-member leadership committee will make executive decisions and it will then direct the financial committee to execute payments, accordingly.  All balances and transactions will be public information.  No member of the leadership or financial committee shall ever be able to use any of the funding for personal use.  The organization will set up (a separate mechanism) for the public to submit donations to individual committee members, to support their efforts.
It is very important to emphasize that this movement will never engage in any type of illegal or violent activity, nor will it knowingly associate itself with groups who do.  Therefore people should feel comfortable in knowing that their donations will not be used support of anything illegal.  To the contrary, the goal of the movement is to address corruption and lawbreaking by the Plutocracy, peacefully.
The proposed actions listed below are meant to kick-start the revolutionary activities immediately, starting with activities that are easy to do.  this is meant to start building cohesiveness and confidence among the network members.
Task: Redact a one-page communique to be sent to all mainstream media outlets around the country by individual citizens.  The memo will touch on how media conglomeration harms society.  This will be a counter-psychological operation meant to alert the mainstream media that the citizenry has become aware of the harm they are causing.
The most powerful tool used by the plutocracy to wage war on the population is their control over the American mainstream media, which is used as a mind-numbing and extremely powerful propaganda apparatus.  It is used to disseminate lies, misinformation, and false narratives specifically-designed to manipulate the population into acting against their own interests, so they can be robbed, and subjugated by the plutocratic elite (collusion between corporate cartels and their lackeys puppet politicians of both major political parties).
We will form intellectual committees of citizens, philosophers, writers, artists, business professionals, students, etc., tasked with deconstructing exactly how the U.S. media is used as a propaganda machine, in order to come up with counter-propaganda strategies to explain it to the general population in the easiest and most effective way possible.

It will be a cohesive, focused, and highly organized campaign, with no time limit.

The campaign has two objectives: to help awakened the population, and to recruit more activists around the country to join in the cause (of freedom and democracy).


We will make our presence felt around the country by participating in constitutionally-protected rallies and street-level protests with the goal of reaching towns, cities and states across the entire country.

There will also be seminars, teach-ins, flash mobs, conferences, music concerts, all used to bring people together with unity of purpose, and for inspiration.

We will reach out to artists, musicians, and writers to help us develop the emotional and inspirational component of the movement.



This think-tank will focused on the study and understanding of how the powerful corporatist cartels are funded in order to come with a focused strategy to defund them over time.


This think tank will focus on the understanding of the unfair exploitation of labor by unscrupulous business interests.  It will focused on finding ways to spread workers' unionization far and wide, on workers' safety, and on coming up with alternative business ownership structures, like employee-owned companies.


This think tank will focus on sustainable food-growing and distribution practices, and on the defunding of large food conglomerates.


This think tank will focus on developing new housing alternative theories and practices.


This think tank will focus on issues related to the protection of the environment.


This document is meant to be a high-level overview of some of the main components of the SPRING 2013 REVOLUTION USA.  Please use the comments section below to provide your feedback and ideas.  It all be used to continue fine-tuning the operating principles and mission of the movement.